A revolution in the iSeries A World

With more than 30 years of experience working in the IBM i universe, we have upgraded the OPALE software suite to communicate with the entire information system while being natively integrated with IBM i

It creates a bridge between your different IBM i, Windows or Linux architectures. 

The essential points of the OPALE software suite

The OPALE suite is document production tool

  • Integrated within the IBM i environment
  • Easy communication with your applications under IBM i
  • Graphical document composition tool under Windows
  • Full interoperability between the OPALE suite (IBM i) and the ONYX suite (Linux & Windows)

The OPALE software suite


  • Core of the OPALE suite natively embedded on IBM Power i 
  • High-volume document composition engine
  • Convert data streams into various print languages
  • Automate processes via Mapping robot
  • Dispatch of documents by e-mail in HTML format
  • Native connectors to third-party EDM solutions
  • Digitial invoices with submission to the Chorus governmental portal
  • Simplicity, reliability and robustness


With a user interface similar to “Microsoft Office”, our Designer allows you to build document templates very simply, after which you can add all the business rules you need to industrialise the production of your documents. No need for command lines. Instead, you just “drag & drop”!

  • Graphical application for designing document templates and labels on Windows
  • Intuitive data mapping using “drag and drop” from the spooled file or XML file
  • Support for all Windows fonts
  • Add static and dynamic images and logos
  • All types of 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Several levels of conditions
  • Dynamic tables
  • Smart page break


Connect enhances your data streams.

It aggregates data scattered in your different ERPs, business tools and other databases.

Using a visual query interface (allowing drag & drop), Connect helps you recover and aggregate data and more effectively put together the information required for composing documents.

  • Support for XML, CSV, TXT files
  • Support for RDI, XSF, XSP (SAP), MVS MainFrame (structured or ASA) files
    Connection to databases (DB2, Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, DB2, iSeries / AS400, ODBC, Progress, etc.)
  • Unicode, Code Page and DBCS
  • Insert calculation zones and text boxes
  • BLOB processing
  • Call external programs (system functions, ONYX Server functions)

Use of the OPALE software suite

The OPALE software suite consists of different products to meet your specific expectations regarding the IBM i universe, both in terms of its operations and its potential migration to other environments.

  • Print to all printers – laser, inkjet, dot matrix, thermal, AFP
  • Print management – trays, simplex / duplex, colour / B&W, stapling, page counting)
  • Circulation of your documents by e-mail and to external service providers
  • Tax digitisation
  • Processing data streams in batches and in real-time
  • Converting a document feed into different print languages
  • Management using Web services
  • Communication with your Windows & Linux environments
  • Communication to EDM and archiving tools
  • Sort, split and group your documents
  • Enveloping codes – Optical marks recognition (OMR)
  • Formatting and enhancement of spooled files and XML files
  • Connection to databases
  • Design document templates with graphical overlays and dynamic data from your spooled files and XML files:
    • Large variety of fonts and barcodes
    • Multilingual documents
    • Table builder
    • WYSIWYG tool
    • Dynamic management of images and paragraphs (logos, texts, signatures, etc.)
    • All document formats (A3, A4, legal, letter, custom labels)