Mapping Partner Interviews

Vincent Van Den Berg - The Netherlands

I am very small as a company, because I am self-employed, and I am in Mapping since 2005, or at least working with mapping since 2005. I became a business partner in 2012. 

Sometimes a bit difficult because the difference in languages of course and it’s not always easy because the distance and if we want to get some help or face to face help they have to drive a few hours. 

All kind of stuff of course, they print labels, so It’s coming from iSeries or from AIX, in just text data and they make it a nice document. 
Depending on what they want, they will print it or they will send it by mail, or send it to a label and sometimes it’s critical and it has to be printed immediately, or sometimes it’s just overnight. It’s never a problem if it takes a few hours or something and the next day they will pick up the documents and use it for whatever they want. 

I think they like the way Mapping is working, because they don’t have to change their own products. Most of the customers are using with iSeries or some case AIX and they produce text-based documents and of course they use Mapping to create a nice document with logos and different font types and barcodes and all kinds of nice stuff. 
In that way they can do it with ease without changing programmed data to their convenience.

I think, especially in the iSeries environment customers are always loyal, they stay on the iSeries because it’s a stable product. Because Mapping also works on the iSeries, it’s also stable and they can use it for a very long time. They don’t bother changing and in the other environments most of the time the same. 

Ease of use!

Chip Milosch - USA

I’ve worked on the iSeries in various capacitiesfor 25 years or so and I’ve been a Mapping Partner since 2013.

It’s very good, I think the people here are very responsive and very invested in helping you as quickly as they can. Obviously, being in the United States, I am dealing with anywhere from 6 to 8 hours’ time difference. So it requires some advance planning occasionally but everyone I’ve worked with in mapping has always beenVery helpful and very nice.

Ok I have one large insurance company that produces thousands of documents a day using mapping that’s all XPS base and then we produce project documentsAnd also PDFs.

Then I have several companies are more in manufacturing, distribution business. They’re using Mapping to produce labels, invoices, purchase orders, sending out e-mails to customers, a big variety of things.

Well, I mean, for the insurance company, I think they like the flexibility that the XPS gives them as far as how we produce the output, the fact that does not matter where it’s going to go.

In general, I think all the customers appreciate the fact that overall the product is very reliable it just runs & runs & runs and we don’t have problems.

I think in both places, they consider Mapping software and me to be reliable and stuff. So if Mapping runs, it works and things like that and I guess from their perspective of me, they know if they have a problem, I’m gonna try to solve it as quickly as possible and I consider their best interest, my best interest.

Mapping in 3 words?
Awesome document processing.

Nathan Rabinovitch - Israel

My company is a small Company less than 5 people. We’ve been working in the area of printed output. So, it was a natural thing to start working with Mapping once I discovered the company

Well, I work with a number of vendors, and working with mapping is as good as any of them. I Have no problems.

They are all iSeries customers, they’re using mapping to make their output less static, easier to read. Usually, in our cases, besides the printed output they are also producing a PDF version of the output for archiving, future and reprinting, etc.

I think one of the big things was that they were able to implement mapping without changing any of the applications. The applications existed, they wrote the spool and mapping is able to take what is written in the spool and add what the formatting that was required. This was was a very positive thing for the customer that they did not have to touch to the applications.

It works

Small but focused