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Mapping is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) specializing in output management solutions.

Our mission is to help you to process your data and deliver output to the right channels easily.

We collect your data from multiple sources, add value to your documents, and deliver output right where it needs to be with the help of advanced workflows that match your business rules.

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Using my output management system I have to create and distribute various corporate documents. Is it possible with one single solution?

We provide a graphical composition tool allowing you to design templates in all shapes and sizes. The data is mapped by dragging and dropping fields onto the template from an XML or spool source file. The document template is then going into production and generated in the expected format.

I have applications on Linux, Windows and IBM i platforms. I am looking for a solution to collect my data, to build the output streams, and to deliver them to the right printers or by e-mail

Mapping collects data from multiple sources, builds the data streams in the expected formats, and delivers the information to the channels of your choice, in a fully automated way.

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I want to produce and email my invoices to my clients from my IBM i server. How can I do that?

Mapping offers a native solution on IBM i to produce and email transactional documents in PDF format with electronic signature and encryption, directly from the production server

My company is switching its pool of printers from Zebra to Toshiba and I'd like to reuse the same label templates. But I'm not sure this is even possible!

Mapping document templates are produced in an intermediate format from which documents are generated in various target formats. The same template can be generated in ZPL for a Zebra printer and/or TEC for a Toshiba printer. As a result, you can keep the same templates and save a huge amount of time!

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My company owns subsidiaries in 8 different countries. How can I handle transactional documents in multiple languages?

The Mapping solution is Unicode enabled, allowing you to design documents in any language. You can even combine multiple languages on the same document if needed!

My company is planning to change our aging in-house ERP to SAP, and I fear this is going to cause a lot of problems with our output management system!

Mapping allows you to collect and process data from a vast majority of ERPs and custom-made systems. Nothing to worry about.

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